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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

“Bush I lave [sic] you”

Bush I Lave YouPro-Bush graffiti spotted in the wealthy middle class suburb of Velenjaq, Northern Tehran.

Despite the official rhetoric which demonises the US as “The Great Satan”, a significant minority of Iranians see “Uncle Bush” as a potential saviour from Iran’s current political situation.

Wealthier Iranians with access to higher education, the internet, satellite television and foreign travel often have strong pro-Western leanings but their number is dwarfed by the millions of under-educated poor who crowd the streets of southern Tehran and constitute the majority of the rural population.

Any guesses as to the lower scribble?

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tino said...


Is the scribble a hint to the sarcasm of the above comment by any chance??

With the political posturing towards Iran going on both sides of the Atlantic at the moment, one wonders how much of that filters through to your everyday working Iranian...?