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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Noruz Table

Noruz Table

A traditional Noruz table (Sofreh haft-seen) consists of seven kinds of food, each beginning with the letter S or sin in Farsi, which represent the virtues of abundance, health, life, love, patience, purity and wealth.

Noruz table

Sabzeh - wheat or lentil sprouts symbolizing rebirth.
Samanu - a creamy wheat germ pudding with sacred connotations.
Seeb - apples represent beauty and good health.
Senjid - dried fruit of the lotus tree symbolizing love.
Serkeh - vinegar represents longevity and the virtue of patience.
Sir - garlic symbolizes good health due to its medicinal properties.
Somagh - sumac berries symbolize the brightness of the sun and the ultimate victory of good over evil.

Noruz table

Flowers such as hyacinths Sonbol and tulips Laleh can also be placed on the Noruz table and represent Spring.
Painted eggs are symbols of fertility.
The mirror represents the life reflected, candles reveal happiness and goldfish symbolize life and energy.

Images kindly provided by Mohammed, an Iranian Msc student at Metropolitan University, London

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