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Friday, April 20, 2007

Kermanshah Sheep

Kermanshah, in central west Iran, is known for its large flocks of sheep.

Kermanshah sheep

The sheep have a dual purpose: meat from the animals is consumed locally and much of the surplus is sent to the capital Tehran, sheep wool is also used in the production of the famous geometric-designed carpets of the area.

Kermanshah carpet design is significantly influenced by the culture of the local Kurds and Loris who live in the area.
Sheep and goats number around 81 million in Iran, according to 2005 figures and outnumber the 71 million humans in the country.
Sheep have been a prominent part of the culture of Iran for centuries. A clay image of a sheep which was found at Sarab in Iran dates back to 5000 BCE.
Iran cloned its first sheep in 2006 at Tehran's Royan Institute, though the animal lived only a few minutes, before it could be named.

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