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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Government clamps down on ADSL use

The Iranian government has instructed providers of ADSL internet services to limit private users and internet cafes to a maximum connection speed of 128kps. No reason has been given for the new ban but it follows in the footsteps of an intensification in internet content filtering.

The new restriction will effectively prevent internet users in Iran from receiving multimedia content such as foreign news and entertainment broadcasts and will also make downloading large files more difficult.

The Telecommunications Ministry has said the order will stay in place until "new regulations for providing ADSL services" were issued. It is still not clear whether this means the restriction will stay in place but ADSL providers and users are not expecting the decision to be reversed.

High-speed internet connections of 256kps and 512kps had been available in Iran for little more than one year before the current order was issued in mid-October.

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1 comment:

Marek said...

Hi !

I've read your blog with great interest. Concerning the ADSL bandwidth, is this 128 kbps limit still effective ? Is there any other way (within a limit of 1.500.000 rials monthly for instance) to have a fast internet access ?

Thanks for your answer : I am considering a job in Iran and fast internet access is a prerequisite to the netoxicated computer user I am.