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Friday, November 25, 2005

Farsi: Many thanks

The Farsi language has no shortage of phrases to express gratitude. Here are a few of the most common.

“Khaste naboshi” – lit. “may you not be tired”

Said to those returning from work or having completed a task. Also used as a greeting to colleagues who begin their work before you.

“Dast-e shoma dard nakone” – lit. “may your hands not hurt”

A common expression of gratitude when someone provides you with something. Be it anything from a home-cooked meal to a ride in a taxi.

“Nushe Jahn” – lit. “drink that you live”(?)

A common response to “dast-e shoma dard nakone” when used in the context of complimenting and expressing gratitude for food.

“Gorbaned shoma” – lit. “I sacrifice myself for you”

Often said during the 3-kiss embrace when you greet or say goodbye to close friends or family. Also used to open and close telephone conversations.

“Gabel Nadore” – lit. “It has no value”

Said by shopkeepers before money changes hands as if to say that, since it’s you, you needn’t pay. Of course, this offer must be firmly refused, perhaps also coupled with a heartfelt “zende boshid” (lit. “that you may live.”)

“Dardet Bejahnam” – lit. “your pain to my life”

Said by the older generation to younger members of the family. A heartfelt wish that life’s troubles be borne on their own shoulders rather than be passed on to the young.

“Chak’kerim” – lit. “I am your slave”

A rough and ready expression of gratitude and general indebtedness. Not often heard in refined circles.

“Pish-kesh” – lit. “before-pull”(?)

On receiving a compliment about one’s home, it is usual to deflect it with this hard-to-translate phrase which is an offer of the complimented object to one who offers the compliment.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. You forgot "Dastet dar nakoneh" -meaning "Hope you didn't hurt your hand" said when someone does something for you or gives you something.

You should write a similar post about our insults. My favorite is "Don't look at me like a tower of snake poison." :D